The 20 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android Device in 2020

Apr 01, 2018 How to Lock Apps on Any iPhone - Lifewire Apr 21, 2020 10 best security apps for Android that aren't antivirus apps

From your home screen, tap Apps > Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Screen Lock Type If you choose a secured lock-screen option, select your notification preferences Tap Set Up to set up and use fingerprints to unlock the phone in addition to a PIN, pattern, or password.

10 Best Free Security and Antivirus Apps for Android

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6 Apps to Stop Your Smartphone Addiction | Offtime (iOS, Android) This app helps users unplug by blocking distracting apps like Facebook and … 10 Security Apps to Protect Your Android Devices - Geekflare Avast Mobile Security. Avast is a great app to provide your Android phone protection against … 7 phone security mistakes you should stop making now - CNET If you don't already have a screen lock, set it up now. It's the most basic line of defense to stop thieves from riffling through your phone if it ends up in their hands. On Android, you can use a