If your server will be home to multiple users, you should pay close attention to the user home directory permissions to ensure confidentiality. By default, user home directories in Ubuntu are created with world read/execute permissions. This means that all users can browse and access the contents of other users home directories.

Change Hostname and Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) on The change will take effect after the next restart – should you want the changes to take place without restarting, the following command will achieve that: sudo hostname web1 Attention: Changing the hostname with the command “sudo hostname web1” is only … LXer: How to Change Timezone on Ubuntu 20.04 Jul 21, 2020 How to Change Hostname on Ubuntu & Other Linux Distributions Aug 19, 2019 ubuntu 12.04 - How do I change www-data home directory

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How to change the default display manager in Ubuntu 20.04

How To Create a Custom Ubuntu Home Server - Part 1

I'm trying to change the home directory to a different folder and my OS is not letting me do that. In Ubuntu I try to edit the useradd file but I can't figure out any way to save my changes that I cd /home; sudo mkdir peter sudo chown peter:peter peter sudo usermod -d /home/peter peter Will do what you want. Any existing home folder will remain unchanged. You cannot change a user's home directory while that user is logged in (if you are logged in as peter, it will not work). If you want to just move your home directory i.e /home/your-username then simply copy your home directory to other partition and then use System->Administration->Users & Groups to open user settings dialog. Click on the keys icon to authenticate your self. After that select the user that you want to change and click properties, go to advanced tab To put it all together: At the start screen press Ctrl + Alt + F1. Log in using your username and password. Set a password for the "root" account. sudo passwd root Log out. exit Log in using the "root" account and the password you have previously set. Change the username and the home folder to the Jul 25, 2013 · After rebooting Ubuntu, I see that the Documents, Picutres, etc. folders from the storage partition are now accessible in /home. But the shortcut folders in Unity have gone back to the default Ubuntu home folders, not the shared partition folder. They are in /home/my-name. It would be nice if they were the same folders as the ones in /home. For example, \\wsl$\Ubuntu\home\rich\ opens my Ubuntu home folder! 😁 I did this, and it works for me, but now I get this message every time I create a new window. wslpath: '\\wsl$\WLinux\home\tnguyen14' CMD.EXE was started with the above path as the current directory. UNC paths are not supported. Defaulting to Windows directory. C:\Users