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You want to put the router into "wireless repeater" mode. Only some routers allow this. The thing to look for in the manual is WDS. It is short for Wireless Distribution System. Unfortunately, the R6120 is one of the few in the whole R6XXX series that lacks that feature. In general, that router is "low spec". Option 2: Use your router’s wireless repeater mode. Look through your router’s settings (or manual) to determine if it has some kind of “wireless repeater,” “extender,” or A WiFi repeater needs to be able to clearly pick up the wireless signal from your router. Thick walls, floors, and ceilings can disrupt the connection and weaken the signal. The further away the WiFi repeater is from the router, the weaker the signal will be. A WiFi repeater connects to a router and wireless devices on the same frequency. You can use old router as a repeater to boost your signal. Most of the people use 802.11g routers for a tolerable 54mbps connection. Later 802.11n came and gave us wireless networks speed boost, but it has some limitations.

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Do not use the WAN port. Log in to the router's web-based set up page in Wireless Repeater mode via the IP Address only. Supported encryption methods may include any of the following: WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal, and WPA-Mixed-Personal. IMPORTANT: Obtain the wireless settings of the main router or access point first before proceeding.