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Pinger gives a users a phone number with every app download In early 2010, Pinger had a novel idea—they wanted to add voice services to their market leading TextFree SMS application. Even better, they wanted to offer each of their users their own phone number. Enter the phone number you would like to place a call to then click the green call button; Important items to be aware of: Calls to other TextFree or Pinger users are always free; All incoming calls are free! Want to make a call to a friend who isn't using TextFree or Pinger? Click here to learn how to earn free minutes; Setting up your voicemail Pinger’s Legal Compliance Team will only answer questions and provide records to department-issued email addresses. We will not send any results to web-based email addresses (i.e.,, etc.). If your department does not have a department-issued email address, please provide your department name, phone number, and fax number. Jul 10, 2020 · TextFree is the free texting and free calling app that gives you free text plus a real US phone number so you can text anyone, even if they don’t have the app. You can text now with features such as free SMS messaging, group messaging, free MMS picture messaging, international texting & calling, voicemail and more—all for free.

2nd Number “Sideline keeps my work number separate and my personal life private.“ — Leigh Wilkins, Scone Diva. With a 2nd number, all your communication lives in one place. Work and personal lines stay organized, and life gets a little bit easier. Learn more about 2nd Number Watch Leigh’s Story

Pinger | LinkedIn Pinger has been building apps that help people communicate in new and surprisingly simple ways since 2005. Our two flagship services, Sideline and Textfree, have been used by over 100 million How to Trace a Text From a Pinger Account | Techwalla Visit a reverse cell phone directory online. Most directories will charge you a fee to use this service. …

Can you track a number from textfree? Open the Textfree app. Once the app is launched, you will see your Textfree in-box along with the person who sent you a message along with his Textfree number. The person’s name comes directly from your phone contacts imported from your mobile phone.22 Aug 2017 Can Pinger numbers […]

Pinger is the app developer behind Sideline and TextFree. The company started in 2005 on the heels of the smartphone revolution. Today, our apps are growing, highly profitable, and serve millions of customers.