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It uses Alpine Linux as the base image and ships with support for Google Authenticator & DUO MFA support. It was designed to be used on Kubernetes together with GitHub Authorized Keys to provide secure remote access to production clusters. Two Factor Authentication using FreeRADIUS with SSSD and In addition, Google Authenticator service and the device with the Google Authenticator App must have consistent time as well if using time based One Time Passwords (OTP). If problems occur during this tutorial with either SSSD or Google Authenticator, verify the time is correct. SELinux. Use getenforce to check the current SELinux setting. Installing aws-iam-authenticator - Amazon® EKS To install aws-iam-authenticator on Linux Download the Amazon EKS-vended aws-iam-authenticator binary from Amazon S3. To download the ARM version, change amd64 to … SSH Dual Authentication with Google Authenticator on Jun 09, 2020