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How to Tune a Cello: 13 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow Apr 16, 2015 Explore tuner for cello | Amazon®.com Dear Amazon Customer, Real Tuner will work for a Cello. Just clip it on the Bridge or the Pegs. You can clip it anywhere on the instrument as long as the tuner can detect the vibrations of the instrument. We have customers that use Real Tuner with Cello, Violin etc. Thanks for your question. How To Tune Your Cello (with demonstration) | How To Music Feb 19, 2016 Tuning Classical Cello | Peterson Strobe Tuners

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Cello Tuner has 11 pitches from which you can choose. Choose the You like. The buttons at the bottom of the app window play the sound of every string of a perfectly tuned cello. You can use these buttons individually or in repeat mode, which repeats the sound of the selected string. Most of the vocals you can make without taking your hands off

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