Sep 25, 2019 · Consequently, it is vital in today's electronic age to secure your personal information in the best way possible. Unfortunately, identity thieves are just waiting for you to make a mistake or get careless—and there is a wide variety of ways they go about stealing personal information.

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How to delete yourself from the Internet

Most internet users have several online accounts, often running into the dozens, even hundreds. The most common, and perhaps the most vulnerable, are social media accounts. Each account you open means more of your personal information is available online. Deleting these accounts can effectively remove a big chunk of the information. As time went on, I met with many people--some good, some okay and some downright dirty. Most were young people looking for company. During the nights while I was in bed, before falling asleep I would get into my email accounts and find a bunch of junk mail from different sources including credit card companies, schools, universities, small businesses, loan sharks, single men, single women

How to keep your personal information private | Offbeat

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